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The most beautiful place on the planet

Zaktualizowano: 29 paź 2018

Why do I love the place where I live?

* Arco is not only a European mecca for sports climbing, but also the great place for many other sports and outdoor activities * wherever you take a look, you'll see mountains, cliffs, mountains and once again mountains * because of the climate, you can climb the rocks practically all year round * nearby, high limestone walls offer multi-pitch climbing on different lengths (from 150 to 700 m) and difficulties * you can jump off the cliffs * you can go on long hikes to the mountains, and if you enjoy via ferratas - here you will find a multum of them in various degrees of difficulty * you can practice yoga in the most beautiful imaginable places * you can combine all the above activities in different combinations 🙂 (for more on yoga, climbing and jumping, read here)

* it is one of the most sunny valleys in the Prealpas - when it's raining in the Dolomites, sunny weather is almost guaranteed here * you can eat healthy and colorful throughout the whole year, there is no lack of fresh, juicy vegetables and fruit even in the winter season * when you want to be with people - they are always in the valley, but when you want to spend time alone with yourself - you have wild, secluded places not so far away

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