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Rock climbing in Arco

Zaktualizowano: 7 mar 2019

Have you ever thought about climbing in the Sarca Valley in Italy? Do you know that Arco and its surroundings are a European climbing mecca? The most famous climbing competitions - the Rock Master World Cup - are held in Arco every year. This place lives on climbing, which is not hard to see - wherever you look, there are endless limestone crags and alpine size walls. Here you can find a huge amount of both: bolted sport climbing rocks, through beautiful, equipped multi-pitch routes (up to 400m), up to long, trad climbing routes (up to 1000m). You will find here everything you can dream of! Climbing in the Sarca Valley is not only Arco and its closest surroundings. Within a drive of 15-45 min. by car there are a lot of climbing spots with a very varied character and rock feature: from technical, friction slabs, through vertical walls with good holds, to overhanged cave's walls with endurance, athletic routes. You will also find two sectors where you can climb the ... tuffs !!! Yes, although it is not Kalymnos, and so the tuffas are here! There is climbing in almost every difficulty degree, everyone will find something for yourselve. And if not, we will find for you exactly what you want :) We are the local climbers who live in Sarca Valley, so we can offer you many interesting climbing areas and routes, including those that you will not find in any climbing guidebook.

When to climb? The Sarca Valley owes its specific microclimate to the proximity of the immense glacial Garda Lake. Because of it you can climb here almost for all year round. Solar sectors are great for winter when the thermometer shows 10 Celsius degrees. In the sun the temperature is definitely higher and the rock is pleasantly warm. In the summer it is very warm here, so either we climb in the morning and afternoon, having Italian siesta in the hottest hours, or go to shady areas located slightly above sea level. In spring and autumn, depending on the sun, you can choose between sunny and shaded sectors, and those located closer to the lake, or those above. What we offer? We offer you a climbing week in the Sarca Valley. The price includes transport from / to Bergamo airport in Italy. Accommodation in 2-4-person houses with kitchen, bathroom and wi-fi. There is also a swimming pool at your disposal. We provide you with climbing equipment (rope, a set of quickdraws, HMS and belay device). Climbing equipment (except climbing shoes, harness and helmet) you get on site, so you can fly only with your handy luggage. We choose for you climbing areas according to your expectations about the difficulties and routes' character. Every day we take you to the new climbing area or multi-pitch route (unless you like any sector so much and you want to spend more time on it). Assuming that during a week's stay you will want to spend on climbing an average of 5 days (negotiable), on the rest day we offer you an hour and a half of yoga class and a tour to the town of Arco. So everything except air tickets and meals is included in the price. Meals can be prepared on your own using the fully equipped kitchen. If you want, we'll take you to the best pizzeria in the valley and the iconic Italian ice cream. Are there other dates available? If you would like to arrive at a different date than suggested, or in a group of more than 4 people, contact us. Dates: 20-27.04.2019 4-11.05.2019 1 8-25.05.2019


Spots: 4 Price: 450 euro

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