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An active week in Italy with excursions to the mountains around post-glacial Garda Lake and yoga on the mountain peaks, with breathtaking views of the Sarca Valley and the Gardesane Pre-Alps rising over two thousand meters above the valley bottom and reaching to the horizon. The Italian region of Trentino is famous for its beautiful sunny weather, mild climate, delicious local olive oil, excellent wine and a variety of cheeses produced from the milk of cows, sheep and goats living slowly on mountain meadows and feeding on natural food - grass and mountain herbs. Why do I mention this? Animals living happily in a natural environment, calmly chewing the grass at the mountain halls, give a healthy, nutritious milk. Thanks to a long tradition the local farmers produce such a delicious, healthy cheese.

This region is also a mecca for sport climbing and an ideal place for other sports and outdoor activities. If you like mountains and hiking, outdoor yoga practice and would like to combine both of these activities in a new, amazing experience, this event is for you!

How does it look like?

We meet at the Milan-Bergamo airport in Italy on Saturday (or in the resort with people who come here by car), from where we go all together to the resort, where participants will stay for the next week (2 hours by car from the airport). We are accommodated in four-person houses surrounded by mountains, in the Sarca Valley near Arco. We get to know each other, spend the evening together and discuss organizational matters. The morning we go up to the mountains (about 40 minutes of hikking), do yoga and meditation at the top (we start going up to the mountains at 8:30 on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday). On the other days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) we practice yoga in the afternoon, from 17:00 to 19:30 at the Lake Garda, Cavedine Lake and Molveno Lake. The schedule like this allows you to take advantage of the variety of attractions offered by the area:rock climbing , swimming in the lake, sailing, kite surfing, rafting and cycling.

What's more?

Beyond common practice of Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, we go to visit Arco town, famous for annual Rockmaster Festival Climbing Competitions, with ruins of medieval castle at the rock cliffs; we go at three different wonderfully located post-glacial lakes and we hike up to the three surrounding peaks where we practice yoga. The resort has a privat swimming pool. Additionally, participants get photos of their yoga practice, taken by professional photographer.

What about the meals?

Participants are provided with one meal a day: vegetarian-vegan luch. The participants prepare the remaining meals on their own. Each house has a fully equipped kitchen. At a distance of 3 km from the resort there is a very well-stocked supermarket, where you can buy everything you need, plus local products. The resort has a bar-café, and pizzeria which offers delicious Italian pizza is just 50 meters away. Within of 3 km from the resort we have plenty local restaurants serving traditional and local dishes.

What does the price include?

  • 6 x 2.5 hour sessions of yoga and meditation

  • 3 excursions to the mountains and at three different mountain lakes

  • accommodation in four-bed houses in a resort with swimming pool and wi-fi

  • one vegetarian-vegan meal a day (lunch)

  • insurance

  • assistance in all organizational matters related to the purchase of airline tickets and car rental (for persons using this type of transport)

What does the price not include?

  • the costs of airline tickets

  • the cost of car renting

  • additional meals

  • optional activities (which are not included in the program)

Dates: 27.04-4.05.2019, 15-22.06.2019 Instruction language: English and Polish

Spots: 12 Price: 699 euro

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