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Yoga, well-being, peace of mind

Zaktualizowano: 3 lis 2018

What besides asana's practice (asana is yoga position) can you learn on yoga workshops?   The word yoga in Sanskrit means to combine, manage and focus on something, use and apply. Yoga requires to put our intellect, emotions and will into subbmition. It means a spiritual balance that allows us to refer to all aspects of life with the same peace (B.K.S. Iyengar, Yoga). When we start practicing yoga, we begin a kind of inner journey, in which we learn how to perform asanas properly and synchronize breath with body work. Maybe for the first time in our life we ​ realize how we breathe consciously; we start to observe the breath and be aware of it, notice how much it is helpful on performing asanas, maintaining energy level and staying in yoga position for longer than we could expect; how much breathing affects our body and well-being and how incredibly it can calm down chaotic thoughts which don't let us to focus on the present moment. The breath is so powerful, it has a very strong effect on our body and muscles tension, on emotions, as well as on our mind and focus skills. When we know the power of breath, we can start working with it through breathing exercises, we can be aware of it, and then we can notice how strong it influences the body's well-being and peace of mind. Breath is the basis of life and yoga, we all know as important it is, nothing exists without breath. The practice of yoga position without breathing awareness is just pure acrobatic. Breathing and body work synchronization and regular practice let you notice the first results almost immediately - it improves the poise, increases flexibility, clear your mind, improve concentration, let you sleep better and feel better in your body. You'll get to know both your body's possibilities and limitations. Then you can enjoy and develop your self-improvement opportunities, but also accept what's difficult for you at the moment. Still keep trying to improve, but without forcing, with respect. Now we know that we have a real impact on our health, well-being and fitness; yoga teaches us a respect for our own body, involvement, not giving up. If we are able to undertake a disciplined work on ourselves, all beneficial effects we experience will just motivate us to continue our work. Through yoga, we figure out that what is happening in our life, mostly depends on us, on our will and determination; and so, we figure out that we are able to do things that previously seemed to be impossible for us; that we can actively influence our well-being,fulfillment, health and quality of life in general. You can transfer your self-efficacy and responsibility for your own life to all others life's aspects. While practicing yoga your self-awareness grows up. You also gain a practical knowledge of how you can recognize your emotions and name them, control and cooperate with them instead of letting them influence your activitties and decisions. These practical methods tought by yoga you can use both at work, in sport, relationships and other life areas. Now you are no longer dependent just on thousands external factors that used to determine your mood, well-being and life decisions. You already know the way to accept what you really don't have influence on and the way to live better, happier, more bold and in harmony with yourself and others.

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